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How to Use

How To Use

Welcome to the site tutorial.....

Although the site is very user friendly we want to make sure you get the most from all your visits.

The main page is divided into 6 useful sections..

The header section has tabs that, when you click on them, gives you more info about the industry such as... 'Upcoming Events' tab has events listed in South Dakota & surrounding areas up to 365 days in advance.

        The Slide Show is the Show Fairs Etc area...each logo/ad is 'hot' and leads you to that business website giving you more info about that Fair, Show, Open House or Auction.

        The right ad section is currently reserved for Sponsors in South Dakota and surrounding border towns. Click on any logo and go to their website.

        The bottom section (footer) has links to many different sites with lots of varied information...(that's how you got here).

The left column gives you a list, pull down menu, of all the member Dealers on the site, the ability to find Dealers in a region of the state and the 'Road Trip Map' that allows you to see the location of each Dealer, Mall and advertiser and drive right to them....really cool!

        The middle section is the engine of the site. It gives you information about Shops and Stores in South Dakota and surrounding border towns. The left column allows you to search by Business name or region. The Road Trip Map allows you to see Dealer locations from a state view down to a block view.The Dealer Info page is where the item pictures and info are located. There you could also find maps, company info, videos, etc. Imagine a mini-website for each Shop or Store.

Social pages will also be used to get out the latest info about us. Follow us.....please? Links are on the left hand side of your screen

Our goal is to have you bookmark and use us to find local Shops and Stores in South Dakota no matter where you are or where you will be and the route you take to get there .....

So, here's the deal.....We will get as many Dealers &Treasures online as we can for you.....You tell as many friends about us as you can. What a partnership.


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